Lisbon Van Tours is a portuguese licensed travel and recreation agency dedicated to organizing private tours to explore Portugal's cultural heritage, historic places and natural wonders.
It is targeted at small groups and seeks to offer great opportunities to gain insight into the Portuguese heritage, by focusing on the tourists’ personal interests, like history, art, nature, local traditions or food, while enjoying the travel experience in a relaxed way.

The standard tours to Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra or to the UNESCO world heritage sites of Évora, Batalha Monastery, Alcobaça Monastery and the Convent of Christ are available all the year.

On the longer tours (more than one day), Lisbon Van Tours opts to stay in more traditional types of accommodation that are associated with the local history: hence, preferring to stay in small hotels, local manor-houses, palace like houses that have architectural value, and tourist lodgings located in rural or countryside areas.

The itinerary and activity programmes are structured in a way to fully enjoy experience the journey and, at the same time, relax and learn.


Tours and Packages

Lisbon Van Tours organizes tailor-made tours and packages according to the clients’ needs, desires, and personal reasons.

One-day Tours

Lisbon Van Tours organizes one-day tours departing from the Lisbon area. We offer tours in Lisbon or in the surrounding areas, up to a distance of 200 km.


The packages combine both trips and activities that last more than one day, include accommodation as well and focus mainly on the central region of Portugal, rich not only in terms of its historical testimonies, but also because of its natural beauty and cultural patrimony