Multi-Experience day around Azulejo

From EUR 60

Surprised to see Azulejo around you when you visit Portugal?
Come with us on a complete tour that will take you to know 500 years of the history of  Portuguese Azulejo.
We will visit the Azulejo Museum in Lisbon and head south to the beautiful Arrábida Mountain, where an intense experience on the Azulejo will lead you to discover a landscape of verdant vineyards, a magnificent Renaissance palace, a handmade Azulejo workshop, a private collection representing 500 year of Azulejo life and a winery where you will be offered a wine tasting.
In land of good fish, at lunch you can taste the well-known grilled fish of Setúbal.

From EUR 60

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Azulejo is the most enduring cultural manifestation in Portugal. It has crossed five centuries of our history and is full of meanings.

Throughout its existence the Azulejo has reflected the soul of the Portuguese people, from its history to its daily life. It was crafts, art and industry. It served the ostentation of rich and powerful, gave body to the great religious and military representations, but also was instrument of decoration, narrative and devotion.

In this tour we will meet a few remarkable Azulejo landmarks, traveling from Lisbon to one of the most beautiful regions to the south of the capital, Serra da Arrábida, trying to provide a rich and alive experience on the theme of the Azulejo.

To know how it has evolved over the centuries, we will start by visiting the Azulejo Museum in Lisbon.

To learn how it is made, we will meet a traditional workshop and here we will invite you to paint your own tile.

But to be able to admire and be impressed by the art of the Azulejo we will visit an exponent of the Azulejo, a palace of the sixteenth century, true relic of Azulejo that was an old property of King Manuel I. The palace is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees and is situated on the slopes of the verdant Serra da Arrábida, 50 km from Lisbon.
We will also visit a well-known winery where wine and art combine.

We will do a wine tasting and visit an art collection. In the wine cellar, between the barrels, we will be surprised with an extraordinary exhibition of Azulejo from the 16th to the 20th century.

Here we will also hear Gregorian chant and discover the reason why the precious melody is directed to the wine and not to the visitors.
At lunch we can opt for a local restaurant where we can taste the well-known grilled fish of Setúbal.







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  1. Hotel em Lisboa
  2. Museu do Azulejo
  3. Ponte Vasco da Gama
  4. Ponte Vasco da Gama
  5. Azeitão-Oficina
  6. Azeitão-Palácio
  7. Azeitão-Vinicola